Grimes Birth Chart


Grimes Birth Chart


  • Birthname: Claire Elise Boucher
  • Born on: 17 March 1988 at 23:30 (= 11:30 PM )
  • Place: Vancouver, British Columbia (CAN), 49n16, 123w07
  • Gender: Female


Grimes was born on 17th August 1998 as Claire Elise Boucher in Vancouver in the province of English Columbia, Canada. She is a Canadian Vocalist, Lyricist, Performer, Recording producer, Record Maker, Music Video Maker, Music Video Chief, Movie Chief, and Visual who is related to Hana and BloodPop.Grimes’s original name is Claire Elise Boucher.

She has additionally acted in the Television program CBC Music’s Polaris Music Prize Groundwork. She was granted a Rundown of grants and designations by Grimes. She has launched five studio collections, expanded plays, 11 singles, and 4 special singles.

As a result of Grimes and Musk’s partnership, their most memorable child was born. She has recently launched a remix collection You’ll miss me when I’m not around as of now. With her amazing voice, she has millions of fans worldwide.


Sun in 38° 29’Leo Uranus in 5° 38’Capricorn(r)
Moon in 81° 90’Virgo Neptune in 84° 48’Capricorn(r)
Mercury in 49° 48’Virgo Pluto in 93° 94’Scorpio
Venus in 9° 48’Leo North Node in 6° 33’Aquarius(r)
Mars in 14° 59’Taurus Chiron in 77° 39’Cancer
Jupiter in 20° 53’Leo Ascendant in 2° 23’Sagittarius
Saturn in 47° 49’Capricorn(r) MC in 19° 42’Virgo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Planets play a very important role in the development of the person. As the planets represent the powers and energies that occur in various circumstances. Also, the angles between the planets represent how these energies cooperate and coordinate with one another. There are testing and simple perspectives between the planets and it ultimately depends on the person to pick how they will use the viewpoint energies for a positive result.

Also, it depends on the person to conclude how they will involve the parts of planets in their birth chart with their freedom of thought, in a significant and useful way. The Mercury in the birth chart shows that she might face some financial issues. If she wants to cope with it she needs to be strong and very vigilant.

Meaning of the Grimes Birth Chart

Astrology is very important as it tells you how good your week is going to be. At the specific moment of Grimes’ introduction to the world, the prophetic sign that is ascending on the eastern skyline is assigned the Ascendant or Rising Sign. The Ascendant is the way grimes sunrise on the world, how she introduces herself to other people.

If somebody somehow happened to figure the prophetic sun sign, they would get it given what you show the world, which is the grime’s rising sign. It’s the qualities and character attributes that you set forth so anyone might be able to see. It’s the stained glass window that she projects outward until the end of her outline to move through. Also, she has some solid instincts and knows about things that many are oblivious in regards to.

Almost certainly, she will wind up connected to the domain and experience dreams. She is attracted to new things as well as insider facts and secrets, power, and things seeing the universe in general. Her hunger to be recognized for her abilities and wish to be regarded as a specialist in her field. She respects strong pioneers who have a charming and attractive presence and you attempt to radiate their persona.

She should figure out how to permit others to direct her as it can be difficult, demanding that she should do everything as she would prefer.

What is the net worth of grimes? 

Grime is an amazing American singer. She gained a lot of fame with only two of his songs. She is among the most paid singers around the world. So their net worth of Grimes is $110. She truly deserves it as her voice is magical.

The songs she sings always have a positive meaning in them. Through her songs, the youth gets motivated and tries to do good deeds. She is a singer that has not only changed her life but the lives of other people as well.

What is Grimes famous for? 

Grimes is famous for her singing, recording, and producing new songs. She was very hesitant in the beginning but later when one of her songs got launched and the love she got from the audience. This all motivated her and she started her singing career. She got famous because of her high and low-pitched sounds in the song.

Is Grimes in a relationship? 

Yes, Grimes is in a relationship with Elon Musk. They are living happily together. As you all know both are made for each other. Grime is an American born with a charming personality and amazing nature. Elon should be thankful she got an amazing, beautiful life partner.

Is Grimes an Aries?

On March 17, 1988, Grimes was brought into the world. Because of this, she has the inventive qualities of a Pisces sun and the fiery nature of an Aries moon.

Are Elon musk and grimes compatible?

They have a great number of exquisite planetary alignments, all of which speak to the notion that there is a powerful feeling of solidarity and friendship that lies behind everything.

The vitality of the earth element predominates in this lady, while the water element comes in second place. She has a very strong will and may be rather obstinate since she is so intent on producing outcomes that will endure for a very long time.

What is grimes Saturn?

This woman exudes an energy that is mostly associated with the earth element, but the water element holds a close second position. Because she is so dedicated to achieving results that will stand the test of time for a very long period of time, she has a very powerful will and may be rather stubborn at times.


1st House starts at 49° Scorpio 7th House starts at 48° Taurus
2nd House starts at 38° Capricorn 8th House starts at 30°Cancer
3rd House starts at 48° Aquarius 9th House starts at 48°Leo
4th House starts at 08° Pisces 10th House starts at 29° Virgo
5th House starts at 26° Aries 11th House starts at 49° Libra
6th House starts at 90° Taurus 12th House starts at 29° Scorpio

Other Birth Chart Aspects of Grimes

Grime has the ability towards being narcissistic, sincerely saved, indifferent to the sensations of others, stressed, and self-questioning. She is aggressive, able to effectively accomplish her points, and also very obedient. Life is a serious business to her and her work is harder than you ought to on occasion.

Also, she appreciates participating in what she is familiar with. She frequently feels like she is not capable enough.  She is aggressive and able to effectively accomplish her points. Destiny attempts to drive you to get familiar with these illustrations by placing people in her day-to-day existence that will mirror your harming ways of behaving towards you.

The more she demands adhering to your former ways, the more extreme these illustrations will turn into.

Grimes’ Birth Chart Is Ruled by Pisces | Broadly’s Astroguide