Elizabeth Holmes Birth Chart [Natal Chart]

SUN IN Aquarius

elizabeth holmes birth chart


  • Born: Friday, February 3, 1984 (time unknown)
  • In: Washington (DC) (United States)
  • Numerology: Birth Path 9
  • Height: Elizabeth Holmes is 5′ 6½” (1m69) tall


Elizabeth Holmes is the daughter of a political worker. Holmes accepted a job at the Genome Institute of Singapore to assist with a microchip intended to identify the existence of the SARS infection in the blood throughout the summertime between her Stanford degrees. She later developed an interest in creating medical technologies that were more effective and could replace outdated testing and medical evaluation methods.

American businessperson who founded and served as CEO of Theranos Inc. a provider of medical diagnostics, from 2005 until 2017. Around 2015, she was acclaimed as the world’s youngest self-made female tycoon.


Sun in 14° 3′ Aquarius Uranus in 12° 44′ Sagittarius
Moon in 2° 46′ Pisces Neptune in 0° 29′ Capricorn
Mercury in 22° 21′ Capricorn Pluto in 2° 8′ Scorpio
Venus in 10° 56′ Capricorn North Node in 12° 44′ Gemini(r)
Mars in 11° 28′ Scorpio Chiron in 27° 45′ Taurus(r)
Jupiter in 3° 6′ Capricorn Ascendant in 0° 30′ Gemini
Saturn in 16° 0′ Scorpio MC in 8° 36′ Aquarius
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

The zodiac sign of Elizabeth Holmes is Aquarius. Combined with Aries and Virgo, Aquarius is an astrological sign that represents the Space component. The water bearer, who represents Aquarius’s sincere aspirations to the world, is the sign’s emblem.

Elizabeth, an Aquarius, has a keen mind and is an analytical mind. She can become irritated, though, when others do not become as quick to respond or should not offer a strong case. When they consider someone as being stupid, Aquarius people can be impatient.

The personality type of Elizabeth Holmes is an unstable ENTJ. Healthy ENTJs strive to accomplish their objectives in a morally upright manner, whereas for unhealthy ENTJs, values are completely ignored. Elizabeth is forceful and dictatorial, treating people like cheap toys while showing little concern for their humanity or feelings.

Meaning of the Elizabeth Holmes Birth Chart

Her son is in the Uranian sign of Aquarius. She is eccentric wants to change things up, is motivated by new ideas, and is strange. Taurus in Scorpio and Saturn is making a stable square to the sun in Aquarius. Her inability to explain herself clearly and embarrassment in finding ways to do so by adopting personas or other public personas might all be factored into this.

She has Mercury in Capricorn which affects her tone. This may come across as stern, brutally honest, or even having a strong voice. She has a burning drive to rebel since her South Node in Sagittarius is opposed to Uranus. At all costs, innovation is not good for the medical business. She has a fatal fault that makes her a touch of the illiberal urge to adapt at any cost.

Which Enneagram type is Elizabeth Holmes?

Elizabeth Holmes is an unbalanced Three on the Enneagram. Along with Twos and Fours, Enneagram Threes are members of the love and usually make their actions on their feelings. She places a high priority on relationships and helping one another.

Elizabeth also enjoys being recognized, and pleasure is important to her. Elizabeth, an Enneagram Three, is interested in other people. Elizabeth, however, magnifies these qualities and worries excessively about how people will see her.

Elizabeth is an example of how an unbalanced Enneagram Three can be unreliable. She continually makes comparisons to others and harbors resentment toward other people’s achievements.

What are the dominant planets and elements in Elizabeth Holmes’s natal chart?

The dominant planets among Elizabeth Holmes’s natal charts are Pluto, Neptune, and saturn. If we talk about elements which include water and earth.

What is the Moon sign of Elizabeth Holmes’s natal chart?

Pisces is the moon sign. It’s not uncommon for those born during disasters to develop into heroic figures. Their horoscopes are the only place where you can see the developing celestial tragedy.

What does Elizabeth Holmes’s Saturn mean?

This combination of Saturn, the limiting planet, and the moon, the source of our emotions, could indicate a stodgy or pessimistic disposition.

What does Elizabeth Holmes’s mars sign mean?

The instinct to forge one’s path in life is exemplified by the planet Mars. The man is a fireball because he is charismatic, courageous, and bursting with energy.

What is the downfall of Elizabeth Holmes?

Theranos was the subject of a covert, months-long investigation by The Wall Street Journal’s John Carreyrou because he got a warning from a healthcare professional who believed that Theranos’s Edison medical screening gadget and queen Elizabeth hospital Birmingham blood test results appeared doubtful.

Carreyrou collected business records and spoke with former whistleblowers. When Holmes heard of the inquiry, she launched a campaign that contained financial and legal threats against the Newspaper and the whistleblowers through her attorney David Boies to prevent Carreyrou from printing.

The Wall Street Journal published describing how the Edison device provided incorrect results in Oct 2016, disobeying Boies’s constitutional risks and forceful strategies. It also revealed that the company had used industrially useable devices made by other companies for the majority of its test results through Elizabeth Vargas’s email address.

What is Elizabeth Holmes’s sun sign?

Elizabeth Holmes is an exceptional example of a Capricorn whose archetype is known as The Maverick most often. Elizabeth’s ego isn’t precisely in line with the Aquarius temperament which is characterized by their willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed, although her ambitions and willingness to serve others.

Mars is a symbol of all things aggressive, stubborn, and passionate. Moon is planetary to aspire to whenever it relates to style and external beauty. Aquarians are extremely straightforward, adventurous, and not hesitant to take on a challenge as they are a sun house.


1st House starts at 0° Gemini

(Containing North Node)

7th House starts at 0° Sagittarius

(Containing Uranus)

2nd House starts at 25° Gemini 8th House starts at 25° Sagittarius

(Containing Venus, Jupiter, and Neptune)

3rd House starts at 16° Cancer 9th House starts at 16° Capricorn (Containing Mercury)
4th House starts at 8° Leo 10th House starts at 8° Aquarius

(Containing Sun and Moon)

5th House starts at 6° Virgo 11th House starts at 6° Pisces
6th House starts at 15° Libra (Containing Mars, Saturn, and Pluto) 12th House starts at 15° Aries

(Containing Chiron)

Other aspects of Elizabeth Holmes Birth Chart

Elizabeth is a cunning manipulator who makes others hear what she has to say. Elizabeth lacks self-awareness since she is an unhealthy ENTJ, which makes it difficult for them to sense a situation. She comes across as forceful and dominant. Elizabeth is harsh and distrusts feelings, whether they are her own or those of others. She lacks subtlety and is too blunt, frequently upsetting people she interacts with.

She might not have chosen this path if she had been able to embrace Gemini, which is known for being a natural reservoir, welcoming, and open to a variety of ideas, partnership, and harmony. Because Venus is in Capricorn, she is very straight in her choice of clothing. Elizabeth Reaser’s birth chart and Elizabeth I’s birth chart look almost similar to Elizabeth holmes’ birth chart.