David Dobrik Birth Chart

SUN IN Libra


  • Rashi is Libra (Moon in Libra)
  • Birth Nakshatra is Chitra
  • Ascendant is in Libra
  • Rising Nakshatra is Swati
  • Birth Date: Tuesday 23 July 1996
  • Birth Place: Košice, a city in the Region of Košice, Slovakia
  • Birth Time: 2:00 PM (local time)


David Julian Dobrik is a popular figure on the Slovakian version of YouTube. Early success came his way on the video-sharing site Vine, where he had been active before launching a YouTube channel dedicated to vlogs in late 2014.

As of the year 2019, Dobrik is well-known for his role as the head of the well-known YouTube troupe known as The Vlog Squad. This group is comprised of various members of Dobrik’s buddy circle and appears frequently in his vlogs. David dobrik birth time is unknown.


Sun in 0° 49’Leo Saturn in 7° 22’Aries(r)
Moon in 26° 55’Libra Uranus in 2° 40’Aquarius(r)
Mercury in 13° 50’Leo Neptune in 26° 14’Capricorn(r)
Venus in 19° 2’Gemini Pluto in 0° 25’Sagittarius(r)
Mars in 28° 24’Gemini North Node in 11° 36’Libra(r)
Jupiter in 10° 25’Capricorn(r) Chiron in 10° 3’Libra
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

Given that David Dobrik was born on July 23rd, it should come as no shock that David dobrik zodiac sign is Leo. As long as they can rein in their deep-seated need to be the center of attention, extroverted lions have the potential to be tremendously enjoyable and energizing companions. Leos have an uncanny ability to zero in on the one subject of discussion that not only makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside but also brings a smile to your face. Leo is a fire sign, and its natives radiate an incredible amount of brilliance.

These people have very sociable spirits, and they take great pleasure in being encircled by the folks they care about, which also satisfies their want to be liked by others. The same attributes that make them amazing communicators with peers, relatives, acquaintances, and very much anybody else who would listen may also get a little boring for a SO who is with them all day.

What is the meaning of David Dobrik’s birth chart?

David dobrik’s rising sign also known as the ascendant sign is libra. When he was born, this particular zodiac sign was visible in the east on the horizon. His rising sign is symbolic of his physical physique as well as his personality in public. In addition, his moon is located in Libra. He may be driven by an intrinsic need to defend fairness in all situations.

Finding common footing with other people is made much simpler because you maintain a feeling of equilibrium in all interpersonal settings. David will be a very devoted companion who will provide you with the same level of care in exchange. People whose Moon is in Libra are prone to complex concepts and place a high value on aesthetics, peace, and diplomatic relations.

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What are future predictions for David dobrik?

David has set 2024 as the year in which he will wrap up all of his unresolved issues, organize his space, and create a place for new endeavors. On a physical level, it is an excellent moment to get rid of extra baggage, to offer up or trade what he doesn’t require any longer, and to clear up old obligations.

On a divine basis, David Dobrik will have an entirely new encounter. His focus ought to shift to the concerns of others, he ought to look for methods to assist others, and he ought to devote his time and effort to deserving causes.

What is David dobrik’s zodiac sign?

Given that David Dobrik was born on July 23rd, it should be no shock that his astrological sign is Leo.

Who is David Dobrik’s wife?

Dobrik legally wed Lorraine Nash, Jason Nash’s mother, on the 15th of May, 2019, for a comedy skit for one of his vlogs.


1st House starts at 29°Leo 7th House starts at 29° Aquarius
2nd House starts at 22° Virgo

(Containing Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron)

8th House starts at 22° Pisces
3rd House starts at 21° Libra 9th House starts at 21°Aries
4th House starts at 24° Scorpio

(Containing Moon)

10th House starts at 24° Taurus

(Containing Sun, Uranus, and North Node)

5th House starts at 29° Sagittarius 11th House starts at 29° Gemini

(Containing Mercury, Venus, and Saturn)

6th House starts at 1° Aquarius 12th House starts at 1° Leo

(Containing Mars and Pluto)

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