Bo Burnham Birth Chart [Accurate]



  • Gender: Male
  • Date of Birth: 21 August 1990 – 14:10h
  • Birthplace: Beverly, Massachusetts
  • Country: US, United States
  • Age: 32 years


A Massachusetts native, Bo Burnham was born on the 21st of August 1990. He was the most talented kid among all the other three siblings in the Burnham family.

Bo is an American comedian, vocalist, lyricist, musician, rapper, and entertainer who got fame in very less time through YouTube.

He made his most memorable YouTube video unintentionally with next to no serious plan of gaining popularity in 2006 and it became a web sensation. Later, his recordings crossed 150 million and he became famous in a concise period.


Sun in 28° 25’Leo Uranus in 5° 50’Capricorn(r)
Moon in 13° 40’Virgo Neptune in 12° 4’Capricorn(r)
Mercury in 22° 54’Virgo Pluto in 15° 10’Scorpio
Venus in 9° 35’Leo North Node in 6° 8’Aquarius(r)
Mars in 24° 54’Taurus Chiron in 23° 4’Cancer
Jupiter in 0° 43’Leo Ascendant in 2° 33’Sagittarius
Saturn in 19° 31’Capricorn(r) MC in19° 42’Virgo
A planet represents a core part of the human personality, and a sign represents the color of consciousness it filters.

If you understand the visionary sun sign, you would easily understand your life. As it tells all the qualities and character attributes that anyone might be able to see. Likewise, if we go through the Planets of Bo Burnham you will understand his qualities and personality. Also, the other components are the Lunar Nodes and the Dark Moon.

All these planets are based upon Bo’s birth chart and zodiac wheel. The natal chart shows that there is an absence of the water component in Bo with just 5.08% rather than the normal 25%. But also he will find some peace with it. Every planet is a blend of the four halves of the globe of Bo Burnham’s birth chart.

Meaning of the Bo Burnham Birth Chart

The Southern side of the equator – the highest point of your outline around the Midheaven is related to amazing activity, and public life, while the Northern half of the globe portrays confidential life. The Eastern half of the globe, the left part, around the Ascendant is connected to the inner self of Bo and their determination.

On the other hand, the Western side of the equator shows how others impact him and how adaptable he is. Bo’s birth chart shows that the planets he falls in are going to bring more fame to his life. He is going to be one of the top singers all over the globe. Luck is totally in his favor. As it shows that planets and horoscopes are very important in character building.

What is Bo Burnham’s net worth? 

The total net worth of Bo Burnham’s is $4 million in 2024. All his net worth is because of his singing and acting career.  Inside and out, he is a wonderful person. Singing is one of his favorite hobbies and he is adored by a huge audience. He meets and gr43t his fans that’s why he is loved by people because the more you interact with your fans the more you are going to be loved.

Which Enneagram type is Bo Burnham?

When it comes to the Enneagram, Bo Burnham is a Three without a Five side. Alongside the Groups of three and the Twos, Archetype Four resides in the emotional centers and makes choices depending on emotional feelings.

What is the effect of Venus on Leo?

Persons with a strong Venus in Leo are naturally charismatic and endearing. You receive tremendous praise because of your extraordinary allure and engaging nature.

What are the awards of Bo Burnham?

Bo Burnham got famous because of his debut of bo fo sho. Later, he was named Bo Burnham. He won various awards. In 2021 he won two awards one for the best Directing for Variety Special and the second for the best lyrics writing award. He was also nominated for screenplays and won various medals in that too.

How does Virgo’s sign affect his sign?

Bo is rational thinking because Virgo is his moon symbol. In-depth thinking and meticulous attention to minute characterize him. Bo is likewise highly self-reliant and has an intense desire for structure.

What are the impacts of being an ascendant?

Bo is a positive, accepting person because his ascendant is in Aries. He likewise has a high degree of autonomy and confidence in his own abilities.

Is Bo Burnham a Leo?

Yes, Bo Burnham is a Leo. The sign shows that he is very noble and has a great sense of humor. He can also turn into a magician and can earn more fame if he follows the sign of sunlight based on ancient times. As it is mentioned in the birth chart Leos are the king of zodiac signs. They are said to be very hardworking, attractive, dominant, honest, and loyal.


1st House starts at 42° Scorpio 7th House starts at 39° Taurus
2nd House starts at 30° Capricorn 8th House starts at 19°Cancer
3rd House starts at 81° Aquarius 9th House starts at 9°Leo
4th House starts at 35° Pisces 10th House starts at 28° Virgo
5th House starts at 25° Aries 11th House starts at 29° Libra
6th House starts at 19° Taurus 12th House starts at 19° Scorpio

Other Birth Chart Aspects of  Bo Burnham

There are various other aspects of Bo Burnham’s birth chart. As the planets represent the powers and energies that occur in various circumstances. Then the angles between the planets represent how these energies coordinate with one another. There are testing and simple viewpoints between the planets and it depends on the person to pick how they will use the perspective energies for a positive result.

The perspectives between Bo Burnham’s planets will determine which planet is overwhelmed and which isn’t in that frame of mind. In any case, it depends on the person to conclude how they will involve the parts of planets in their outline with their unrestrained choice, in a significant and useful way.

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