Moon Phase Calculator

Moon Phase

How does this tool work?

This tool is used to check the moon phase on any given date, even your date of birth. If you want to use this simple moon phase calculator, follow these simple steps.

  • Insert your birthday date and year into the box below
  • Click on the ‘CALCULATE MOON PHASE’ Button to get your moon phase.

What does moon phase calculation mean?

If you want to study moon phases, you will see that it depends upon the phases of the moon. The moon has a cycle of 29.6 days. During these days the moon goes through different cycles. These cycles can be the new moon, then comes the first quarter, after which is a full moon, and the final last quarter.

These different moon phases will have different impacts on your life. In many religions, moon phases are studied for various occasions. People like to study the moon phase before doing anything auspicious.

How to find my moon phase?

If you are looking for your moon phase you can find it by visiting any moon calculator website online. The website will require some of your information like date birthday and year. Then you will get your moon phase with some clicks.

To find your moon phase, you will need a clear understanding of what these moon phases are. The moon phases are derived from the moon cycle. One moon cycle is of 29.6 days. These days moon faces various phases depending upon its angle elliptical to the sun longitudinally.

  • The new moon; Is a waxing crescent.
  • first quarter: known as a waxing gibbous,
  • full moon, known as waning gibbous,
  • last quarter known as the waning crescent,

All of these phases are in sequential order. There is a difference of one week between one phase to the next phase. All these phases are then completed in under 29.53 days.

How can I find my moon cycle?

If you want to check your moon cycle, follow the given steps:

Counterclockwise, count how many signs the moon is away from the sun. Now subtract it from 12. Then multiply the result by 2. Now subtract this result from 0.5. This is your first moon cycle age. It is the time when your moon cycle started.

What does the birth moon tell you about?

Many astrologers have stated that moon phases have a deep inner connection. They tend to motivate the inner world of one’s body. These moon phases can be used to find out the emotional state of someone’s life. For example, a full moon person will try to use his moon phase to find out his moon phase soulmate.

What do you mean by a moon baby?

A moon baby is born in between some special and specific connection to the universe and planets. This child will be sensitive to lunar cycles, energy waves, and movements on planets.

What Are blood moons and how they are rare?

Blood moons are infrequent events. Two total lunar eclipses happening in a single year occur approximately once every three and a half years, while three total lunar eclipses in the same year occur roughly every 200 years.

Why is the Moon phase important?

Many people believe that moon phases have a major impact on their lives. Therefore, studying moon phases has become an important part of the horoscope. Various moon phase calculators have also been devised. You must be wondering about what your moon phase is and how you can calculate it. let’s find out the answer to that.

Is the occurrence of Supermoons rare?

A full Moon occurs in each lunar cycle, which spans 29.5 days. However, not every full Moon can be considered a supermoon. The number of supermoons in a year is usually limited to three to four. Between the years 2020 and 2025, you will be seeing four supermoons per year. Supermoons occur when the Moon is closest to the Earth at that moment.

What is the Moon soulmate test?

The Moon soulmate test is an online tool that purportedly helps people find their true soulmates. It involves comparing the phases of the Moon on that particular day on which two people were born. If the combined phases form a full Moon, it is considered an indicator of high compatibility between the couple.

Do moon signs matter in relationships?

Moon signs hold significance in relationships because they add emotional depth to a birth chart. When two people have compatible Moon signs, they can share similar memories from childhood, creating a deep connection that transcends time. The Moon sign is consulted to assess stability and age in partnerships.

What is the best moon to be married under?

According to ancient Greek beliefs, marriages consummated during the full Moon were considered the most prosperous and happiest. On the other hand, a waning Moon was thought to be unfavorable for wedded bliss. The full Moon is said to be the ideal period to say yes to a marriage proposal.