Planetary Hours For Today [Calculator]

How to know the Planetary Hours For Today?

Using this Planetary Hours calculator gives you the report based on the details you provide it. Make sure you check out the luminarium planetary hours and days for magic interpretation below

  • The tool will automatically get your location and display today’s hours.

What is Planetary Hours For Today?

Planetary hour is a term used in astrological circles to describe the division of the day into segments, with each segment being ruled by a specific planet.

The term “planetary” is derived from the seven traditional solar days: The Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and
Saturn. Each planetary hour is linked to the energy and characteristics of the planet that rules it, and it’s thought that what you do during the appropriate planetary hour can be affected or magnified by that planet’s energy. If you want to know what the planetary hours are for your location and date, you can use the “planetary hours for today” tool.


How does this Planetary Hours For Today work?

The planetary hours are determined by the local time of dawn and sunset for a particular place. The time between dawn and dusk is divided into twelve equal parts, each of which represents one planetary hour. The time between sunset and sunrise is also split into twelve equal parts to represent the nighttime planetary hours.