Planetary Hours Calculator

How to use this Calculator?

This is a Free Planetary Hours calculator that gives you the report based on the details you give it. Here’s how to use it

  • Just add the date into the calculator and it will give you the hours based on those dates.
  • Each result is separated by day and night hours.

Astrology Planetary Hours Calculator

What is the Planetary Hours Calculator?

A planetary hours calculator is a tool used in astrology to find out the planetary hours of a day based on where you are and the date. The ancient astrological system divided each day into twelve equal parts, and each hour is linked to a planet’s energy and traits.

People believe that activities done during these hours are influenced by the planet’s character.

How does this Planetary Hours Calculator work?

To use a planetary hours calculator, the date for which the planetary hours are to be calculated must be specified. Some of the calculators may require the user to provide the latitude and longitude of the specified location. Depending on the calculator in use, the user may have the option to specify whether the planetary hours to be calculated are day or night.

What is planetary ruler time?

The term “planetary ruler time” is a synonym for planetary hours. In astrological terminology, planetary hours are a division of the day and night into twelve equal parts, each part being governed by one of the traditional seven planets which are Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Moon.

What are the Vedic planetary hours?

Vedic astrology does not use the term “planetary hours” in the same way that Western astrology does. Vedic astrology has a similar timing system called “Hora” which divides the day into 24 equal parts. Each part of the day and night is ruled by a particular planet. The Hora system is mainly used for electional astrology purposes such as choosing auspicious times for certain activities or events.

What are the 14 planetary systems of Vedas?

The Vedas are old Hindu books that don’t talk about 14 planets. But, Hindu beliefs say there are different places called “lokas.” These include places like Earth, heaven, and places for sages and gods. There are no 14 planets, but these places are important in Hinduism. They are not real places like in science, but they have meaning. Different Hindu groups have different ideas about them.